Yang-Baxter equation (YBE)

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  • most important roles in Integrable systems and solvable models
  • at the heart of quantum groups
  • exact solvability of many models is explained by commuting transfer matrices
  • in 1+1D S-matrix theory, the YBE is the condition for consistent factorization of the multiparticle S-matrix into two-particle factors
  • \(R_{12}(u)R_{13}(u+v)R_{23}(v)=R_{23}(v)R_{13}(u+v)R_{12}(u)\)
  • for vertex models, YBE becomes the star-triangle relation
  • see [Baxter1995] for a historical account

Yang and Baxter

Bethe ansatz

integrability of a model

  • in the space of couplings a submanifold exists, such as that the transfer matrices corresponding to any two points P and P' on it commute
  • characterized by a set of equations on the Boltzmann weights
    • this set of equations is called the Yang-Baxter equation
  • solutions to Yang-Baxter equation can lead to a construction of integrable models

transfer matrix

  • borrowed from transfer matrix in statistical mechanics
  • transfer matrix is builtup from matrices of Boltzmann weights
  • we need the transfer matrices coming from different set of Boltzman weights commute
  • partition function = trace of power of transfer matrices
  • so the problem of solving the model is reduced to the computation of this trace


  • we make a matrix from the Boltzmann weights
  • if we can find an R-matrix, then it implies the existence of a set of Boltzmann weights which give exactly solvable models
  • that is why we care about the quantum groups
  • spectral parameters
  • anistropy parameters
  • with an R-matrix satisfying the YBE, we obtain a representation of the Braid group, which then gives a link invariant in Knot theory
  • R-matrix

YBE for vertex models

  • Yang-Baxter equation
  • conditions satisfied by the Boltzmann weights of vertex models
  • has been called the star-triangle relation

classical YBE

\[ [X_{12}(u_1-u_2),X_{13}(u_1-u_3)]+[X_{13}(u_1-u_3),X_{23}(u_2-u_3)]+[X_{12}(u_1-u_2),X_{23}(u_2-u_3)]=0 \]

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