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  1. The journal publishes papers in experimental mathematics, broadly construed.[1]
  2. Despite the initial controversy, Experimental Mathematics quickly established a solid reputation and is now a highly respected mathematical publication.[1]
  3. Mathematicians have always practised experimental mathematics.[2]
  4. Experimental mathematics makes use of numerical methods to calculate approximate values for integrals and infinite series.[2]
  5. Experimental Mathematics publishes formal results and conjectures inspired by experimentation, algorithms and software for mathematical exploration, and related surveys.[3]
  6. Starting with Volume 22 (2013), Experimental Mathematics is being printed and distributed by Taylor & Francis.[3]
  7. The rise of the field of “experimental mathematics” poses an apparent challenge to traditional philosophical accounts of mathematics as an a priori, non-empirical endeavor.[4]
  8. This paper surveys different attempts to characterize experimental mathematics.[4]
  9. One suggestion is that experimental mathematics makes essential use of electronic computers.[4]
  10. A second suggestion is that experimental mathematics involves support being gathered for an hypothesis which is inductive rather than deductive.[4]
  11. Many explanations are framed by relevant historical context and tales of mathematicians whose use of experimental mathematics helped them gain insights into difficult problems.[5]
  12. . . . I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short introduction to experimental mathematics.[5]
  13. The book covers a variety of topics and examples in order to give the reader a good sense of the current state of play in the rapidly growing new field of experimental mathematics.[5]
  14. a lovely little book which builds a strong case for experimental mathematics.[5]
  15. Many great mathematicians (Gauss, Ramanujan, etc.) have done experimental mathematics to find out what’s true.[6]
  16. But in general, experimental mathematics hasn’t been pursued nearly as much as it could or should have been.[6]
  17. But part of the skill needed to do good experimental mathematics is to look for facts that somehow can ultimately be related to larger frameworks, and ultimately to the traditions of mathematics.[6]
  18. More than 30 years ago I started the journal Complex Systems—and one of my long-term goals was to make it a repository for results in experimental mathematics.[6]
  19. Experimental Mathematics publishes original papers featuring rigorously-proved results inspired by experimentation, conjectures suggested by experiments, and data supporting significant hypotheses.[7]
  20. I am partially motivated by the recent polymath5 which, at this stage, have become an interesting experimental mathematics project.[8]
  21. Register now to let Experimental Mathematics know you want to review for them.[9]
  22. Welcome to Experimental Mathematics, a journal devoted to experimental aspects of mathematics research.[10]
  23. Experimental Mathematics, refereed in the traditional manner, is led by a first-rate editorial board.[10]
  24. Experimental Mathematics used to be considered an oxymoron, but the future of mathematics is in that direction.[11]
  25. This semester we will learn, from an experimental mathematics point of view, algorithmic enumerative and algebraic combinatorics.[11]
  26. It has become important even in math, as an essential part of the new discipline, Experimental Mathematics.[12]




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