TTC Queen of the Sciences - A History of Mathematics

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  • 1. What Is Mathematics? 2. Babylonian and Egyptian Mathematics 3. Greek Mathematics—Thales to Euclid 4. Greek Mathematics—Archimedes to Hypatia 5. Astronomy and the Origins of Trigonometry 6. Indian Mathematics—Trigonometry Blossoms 7. Chinese Mathematics—Advances in Computation 8. Islamic Mathematics—The Creation of Algebra 9. Italian Algebraists Solve the Cubic 10. Napier and the Natural Logarithm 11. Galileo and the Mathematics of Motion 12. Fermat, Descartes, and Analytic Geometry 13. Newton—Modeling the Universe 14. Leibniz and the Emergence of Calculus 15. Euler—Calculus Proves Its Promise 16. Geometry—From Alhambra to Escher 17. Gauss—Invention of Differential Geometry 18. Algebra Becomes the Science of Symmetry 19. Modern Analysis—Fourier to Carleson 20. Riemann Sets New Directions for Analysis 21. Sylvester and Ramanujan—Different Worlds 22. Fermat's Last Theorem—The Final Triumph 23. Mathematics—The Ultimate Physical Reality 24. Problems and Prospects for the 21st Century

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